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Standing Desk Chair – It may seem silly but it is not, you cannot work on any chair. Choosing a right chair is essential not only for efficient work but also for our health. Because, if we usually work at home or in an office is the place where we spend most of the day, namely 8 hours. Mainly because if we choose a chair that supports our position correctly we can prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, neck, shoulder, wrist or headaches among others, which may limit for quite some time our work.

Standing Desk Chair Best

Standing Desk Chair Best

Precisely for this reason when choosing our standing desk chair should form a balance four concepts; price, design, comfort and above all health. In this sense, ergonomic chairs become the flagship product and our great allies. It is essential that the chair allows you to adjust the height. So you can regulate it and keep your feet flat on the floor. Parallel to the hip, keeping fixed the position of our torso respect to the worktable. If the chair is too low will suffer our lower back while if it is too high will the muscles and especially trapezium damaged. Search the regulatory mechanism is comfortable to reach and use while sitting. Such as a tire gas or mechanical spring system.

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A tip before you buys it standing desk chair and see if regulated properly or if you finish your weight not to notice. It is essential to have a diversity of levels of regulation. Because during the day you change your position depending on the activity you’re doing. As for the backrest height, you must be long enough to cover the entire back. So usually a height of between 40 and 60 centimeters is a good height.

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