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July 26, 2021 Rug Ideas

How to Store Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs – Rayon and viscose blend carpets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for large carpets and rugs. They tend to cost less than other types of carpet. Viscose rayon, a synthetic fiber mixture, is not intended for high-temperature environments, such as near your fireplace. To keep this kind of carpet looking its best with minimal stress, properly stored when not in use.

Awasome Viscose Rugs

Awasome Viscose Rugs

Vacuum your viscose rug before storage, working both the front and back of your carpet. Cleaning your carpets before storage helps prolong their life, so the carpet looks good when you’re ready to show it again. Find a dry, temperate environment to store your viscose rugs. Textile Museum recommend someplace with temperatures of 65 to 70 F and 50 percent humidity, but notes that a stable environment is best for textile conservation. Make sure the area is not prone to flooding and have no leaks, as water will damage your carpet. They note that the ceilings and basements are poor storage options as the temperature fluctuates.

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Turn large viscose rugs for storage, rolling in the direction of your carpet pile or fiber to keep the carpet intact. When you get to the end of the carpet, tape outside on the carpet or tie it with twine. Small rugs that will not take a lot of space can be stored flat. Unleash your rolled-up carpet in acid-free archival pipes to prevent damage and place it in your storage area on a flat surface. If you save the carpet flat, bring it to your storage area and put it on the floor, shelf or other area.

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