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How to Build Wall Plaques

Wall plaques – One of the most famous symbols of the esteem and achievement, hanging wall plaque utilizes the elegant natural beauty of the wood to show the items or information that is considered valuable for posterity. As woodworking projects, wood plaques are a great way for a beginner crafter to focus on the treatment of the wood itself without worrying about complications of common structures and mechanical functions.

Elegant Wall Plaques

Build wall plaques, fold sheets of butcher paper in half. Lay the sheet flat with the folded edge to the left. Draw half of a basic shield pattern shape; this looks like a Valentine’s Day heart, but with a flat top rather than the two curves. Cut half of the drawing, and then unfold to create a complete, fully symmetrical shield shape.  Trace the pattern onto the wood with paper cutout shield as a pattern. Trace around it with the pencil. Cut wooden shield designs using the scroll saw.

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Designate one side of the wooden cutout to be top of the wall plaques. Round the cut edges of the wood on the side using the disc sander. Work the edges with a sander until they are about as round as the average person’s elbow. Sand the wood throughout, front and rear. Use a course, and then fine either disc sander or hand sanding. Try to make the wood as smooth as possible.

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