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May 17, 2021 Corner Desk

Corner Laptop Desk Ideas

Corner laptop desk-Having a job while riding in the car can make a long ride seem much shorter. These corner laptop desk are great for kids too. They can color, draw or make puzzles to pass the time in a car. These benches are easy to make and can be accessorized to meet your needs. A do-it-your self er who know how to use a saw and router can complete this project in a few hours.


compact corner laptop desk

Cut a piece of 1-inch wood to a size of 16 by 12 inches. With the help of a router, round off the edges. On the top side of the board, use the router and cut a groove on the top 1/2 inch from the top and 1 inch from both sides. Sand the board with medium-grit sandpaper and then again with fine sandpaper, making it supple.  Lay the board down on a table with the bottom upwards. Place the fabric on top with the right side of the fabric and cardboard strips facing up. Staple the fabric and strips into the wood. Repeat with the other two strips, the last open page. Things fabric with poly fiberfill until it feels comfortable not overstuffed. Turn the last strip of and adhere to. Turn corner laptop desk over and sit it in your lap. The track at the top is to hold a pen, pencil or crayon when the car is in motion.

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